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Individualised Services

Directions now provides relationship-based, personalised and individually tailored support to people from  Gascoyne Region , across Perth Metro, south to the Peel Region and growing every day.

Directions has an excellent reputation for providing high quality support that is flexible, creative and inclusive, and we welcome the opportunity to share management with families.  We support people to achieve their aspirations, and get the very best out of life by:

  • Supporting people to become active members of their community;
  • Enhancing confidence and helping people build independence skills;
  • Assisting people to volunteer and work towards employment;
  • Helping people build their social skills through groups such as Teenspirit;
  • Finding ideal host families;
  • Providing all the support and personal care necessary for people to get the most out of every day.

Directions also provides Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Psychology Physiotherapy and Social Work.  Our family centred therapy is a wrap-around service which specialises in:

  • Early intervention for children under 8 years old; and
  • Therapy for older children and teenagers, building independence and ensuring the very best preparation for adulthood.

Our services complement each other.  Our community services are improved by input from therapists, and our therapy is improved by the involvement of the support workers ensuring consistency and continuity across all activities.

Every day our support workers  collaborate with the people they support in devising innovative and motivating strategies to reach their goals, and have fun along the way.


With the assistance of his support worker Anthony,  Stuart has set up a small enterprise creating  beautiful wood turning craft that are for sale through his Facebook Page.

“Hi, I’m Stuart and I make a lot of different things out of wood. I make pens, key rings, letter openers, spinning tops, bowls and more things I am learning to do.
I am looking forward to sharing my work with you all.

I will manage this page with my support worker on Thursdays to show off the new things I make.

Thank you for your support.”


Mona loves learning, and it was through this that her support workers began to build upon her skills. Mona progressed with remarkable speed, astounding her support workers. She now competently uses a communication board so that she can be involved in who supports her and what the day’s activities will be. Mona now understands emotions and is able to say whether she feels “good” or “bad”. What used to be thought of as challenging behaviour as Mona expressed her frustration is now a thing of the past. Mona can now use public transport because she can let us know if she is uncomfortable, she can go out on stormy days because she can understand the weather forecast and let us know if she feels worried, all huge steps forward.

Mona rapidly developed a real thirst for learning and a love of libraries and books. She progressed through the Jolly Phonics and Reading Eggs programs and has now started writing. Mona can understand and say phrases such as “help please”, “I am finished” and “sorry”, and you can imagine the difference this has made to her life. She can write and say phrases such as “My name is Mona” and “I work with Sam”. After 32 years Mona has learned to say “I love you Mum”, something her mum never thought she would ever hear.


Dermott is an outgoing, enthusiastic young man who loves mechanics. He has relished the opportunities his support workers have found to tinker with car engines, fascinated by the complexity of their workings. Dermott also volunteers at Tyrepower, and works on wood projects at the local Men’s Shed where his practical skills shine.Recently Dermott has made amazing progress with his support worker Sam,
researching and developing strategies to progress towards his ultimate goal, to find full time employment. Dermott thrives in a learning environment, especially when he can see a clear purpose to it, that of improving his capacity to work.

Dermott has been able to create himself a Gmail account and put together a really good resume. He has completed a safety certificate in relation to the metals and mining industry scoring over 80%, and a safety certificate in relation to the electrical industry scoring over 90%! Boosted by this success, Dermott has pushed the boundaries and taken on new challenges. He has become increasingly comfortable to take the train to get where he needs to go, something he could not bring himself to do just a few months ago.  Dermott has huge potential and the determination and
enthusiasm to achieve his aspirations.


Over the year Hayley has gained confidence and taken a leading role in her own life. With her support worker Natasha, she has worked on her natural strengths, improving her language, literacy and maths, building the foundation to start researching and applying for volunteering positions. Hayley successfully gained a volunteer role at Riding for the Disabled (RDA) where she herself is supporting other people, confidently leading their horses and assisting them to tack and clean up. Through this volunteering Hayley has also developed friendships, independent of all support.

Recently Hayley applied to volunteer at Armadale Animal Protection Society (APS). She attended the interview with minimal support, full of confidence and self-worth because of her experience at RDA. Hayley was delighted to be offered the role and she is now a dedicated and valued member of the APS team.

Individualised Services

Directions  provides relationship-based, personalised and individually tailored support from the  Gascoyne Region , across Perth Metro, south to the Peel Region and growing every day.

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Therapy Services

Directions is a registered general and specialist therapy provider delivering: Speech Therapy;  Physiotherapy; Social Work; Psychology and Occupational Therapy.


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Host Family

Host families invite a person with a disability  to be part of their family and daily lives. This can be a great catalyst for social and community inclusion and long lasting relationships.

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Groups and Clubs

Directions assists  people with a disability  who like to spend time together to form their own groups with similar interests and enthusiasm.

Directions now also runs the fabulous Teenspirit.


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