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Speech Pathology

It is easy to take communication for granted, but for many people with disability, it can be a daily challenge. At Directions, our university trained speech pathologists can make a huge difference to the quality of an individual’s life.

Our staff are experts in the assessment and treatment of communication difficulties, and work closely with our individuals to build social skills and confidence with language and expression.

Speech pathologists also provide diagnostic assessment and management of swallowing disorders. Swallowing, like breathing, is an essential reflex. Individuals who have trouble swallowing (dysphagia) run the risk of poor nutrition and dehydration.

Directions’ speech pathologists assist people of all ages and abilities , and are passionate about helping people across the lifespan.

Our Speech Pathologists

Dianne Raby

I work with people with disabilities and their families because it is possible to make a difference in the quality of life not only of the person with the disability, but also in their family and their community.” Read more



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