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Client Handbook and Policies

Client Handbook and Policies


Directions Client Handbook

Directions Handbook and Policies

Access to Supports Policy and Procedure 2022

The provision of your supports and under what circumstances supports can be withdrawn.

Privacy and Dignity Policy and Procedure 2022

About confidentiality.

Information Management Policy and Procedure 2022

How your personal information  will be collected and why.

Consent Policy and Procedure 2022

How your information is  stored and used, and when and you can access or correct your information. That consent is sought to collect, use and retain your information and to disclose your information.

Advocacy Support Policy and Procedure 2022

Your right to use an advocate.

Complaints Management Policy and Procedure 2022

Your processes to give feedback or make a complaint.

Reportable Incident, Accident and Emergency Policy and Procedure 2022

Information about incident management, including how incidents involving you will be managed.

Service Agreement with Participants Policy and Procedure 2022

Support to understand the service agreement and conditions.

Conflict of Interest Policy and Procedure 2022

To ensure that actions and decisions taken within all levels in the organisation are informed, objective, and fair.

Person-Centred Supports Policy and Procedure and Participant Service Charter Rights 2022

Information about your rights and responsibilities and what you can expect from your supports with Directions.

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