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Our Story

Directions has been providing relationship-based, personalised support to people with disability since 1994 . We provide services throughout the Perth metropolitan area and south into the Peel region.

Directions are passionate about helping people to dream big and achieve their goals. Our staff and volunteers are an exceptional group who build strong relationships with the individuals that we support and their families. Directions provides opportunities for people to participate in family and community activities of their choice that: encourage lifelong learning; lead to increased independence; promote friendships; and enable people to actively contribute to their community.


For the people we support

  • To have a fulfilled life with healthy relationships, friendships, and purpose
  • Be part of an inclusive community, which accepts people for who they are and looks beyond disability
  • Be empowered to make choices and have control over how they live their life


  • Working together
  • Having energy and enthusiasm
  • Making a difference
  • Being creative and flexible
  • Being compassionate
  • Being honest

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