Building relationships that make the difference

Up there with the stars

Telethon made a dream come true for Kate,  she got to meet Rick Arden from Channel 7 news!  Kate has been a fan of Rick’s for years.  She has sent him many letters, and has longed for the opportunity to meet Rick in person.

This was Kate’s third year at Telethon.  She loves the atmosphere and all the entertainment, and this year was the best yet.  A picture paints a thousand words, and so does Kate’s smile!

Individualised Services

Directions provides relationship-based, personalised and individually tailored supports right across the Perth Metropolitan area.

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Therapy Services

Directions is a registered general and specialist therapy provider delivering: Speech Pathology;  Physiotherapy; Social Work; Psychology and Occupational Therapy.


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Host Family

Host families invite a person with a disability  to be part of their family and daily lives. This can be a great catalyst for social and community inclusion and long lasting relationships.

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Directions assists people with a disability who like to spend time together to form their own groups with similar interests and enthusiasm.

Directions also runs the fabulous Teenspirit.


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