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The WA Disability Support Awards – Saturday, 28 April 2018

Directions is very pleased to have nominees in 5 of the 7 categories in the WA Disability Support Awards 2018.

The WA Disability Support Awards recognise and reward people who provide the highest standard of support to increase the quality of life and inclusion of people with disability.

The Awards celebrate the achievements of people who demonstrate excellence, passion, vision and commitment to supporting people with disability. They recognise those who go beyond ordinary standards of service and have a profound impact on the lives of the people they work with and support.

The Awards showcase the disability services sector as a place of innovation, a place for employment and a place to have a career.

Finalists and winners will be announced at a gala dinner on Saturday, 28 April 2018 at Crown Perth.

Directions Nominees

Excellence in Advocacy and Rights Promotion

Samantha Warne – Support Worker

“For Sam, being an advocate for Fletcher is more than simply standing up for him. It means considering all the medical professionals advice and trying to support him through challenging appointments which are physically and mentally raining for him. It means assessing his environment and thinking of new ways to ensure that he is able to access and participate in things that he is passionate about. It means having those hard and combative conversations on his behalf to fight in his best interests. It means using intuition and the support of his amazing family to provide tailored care to not only his needs, but his WANTS. Most importantly, it means raising awareness and being a representative for change so that Fletcher can live within a community that is inclusive and accepting of people with disabilities.

When the book is published, in conjunction with Directions, Sam will run inclusivity programs in schools and libraries, using the book and its message to educate children that people with disabilities should be celebrated for their strengths, accepted, and have the right to do what makes them happy and fulfilled in their life. Through this project, she will build the individual resilience in children and adults alike who are living with a disability, show them that they are as important, as respected and as loved as their neighbour, that they are MORE than their diagnosis,  that they have the right to be heard and to contribute to community life. Moreover, that they have a voice, and it’s a voice to be reckoned with.”

Excellence in Home and Family Support              

Heath Saunders – Support Worker

“Heath began supporting my son, Adam, in September 2012 through Directions Disability Support Services. I saw he was special from the first time he met Adam. My son was stubborn, he could sure make life difficult for you, but Heath just seemed to fit with him. It was a bond that could not be explained nor replicated. Over the time that Heath supported my Adam, they shared so much together, and Heath enabled Adam to do things that he could not have done alone.

Heath is the most wonderful human being. He is part of our life; he has been supporting my boys both Adam and Scott for years and nothing ever gets in his way of doing that. He has been through some tough times in his personal life yet he never once let this affect his support to my boys.”

Excellence in Innovation

Claremont Tigerland Group

“The Claremont Tigers Group is a school transition program with local people in their local community in an inclusive environment. This is a group of young disabled adults, supported by Directions provided carers, who spend 2 days per week together based at the Claremont Football Club premises. The participants were all at school together and keen to maintain their friendship and to continue to spend time together as a group after they finished school. It is not necessary for the individuals to have been at school together and we have recently welcomed some other individuals from different schools in the area. What is key is that there is a group of individuals from this area and their families was to be involved in developing a program in conjunction with Directions and in consultation with the CFC, to achieve the best outcomes for their children and move them to the next stage in their life, whatever that may be.”

Excellence in Improving Employment Opportunities

Sam James – Support Worker

“Sam’s commitment to achieving outcomes for people with disability is exemplary and his innovative thinking has led to significant progress with a number of individuals. This nomination is to recognise his work with a young man named Dermott over the past year…..

Sam’s commitment to Dermott in not only achieving his goal, but thinking of new ways to continue building his skills giving Dermott the best chance of gaining employment in the industry he is so passionate about, is unrivalled. It is amazing to see what a difference Sam has made to Dermott’s life in such a short space of time and I am certain he will continue to support Dermott to achieve incredible things and work towards fulfilling his dreams.”

Excellence in Supporting Social Inclusion

Team Teenspirit

“At Teenspirit we believe in increased community awareness of, and support for young people with disability by offering opportunities for community engagement otherwise not available.   We help develop life skills that encourage independence in the future and provide parents/carers with information, networks, support and respite.

Our amazing Team make a significant contribution to improving the community inclusion and citizenship of our young people with disability and be an active member of community, to exercise choice or to build skills, knowledge and experiences, while having fun and making some lifelong friends throughout the journey.”

Individualised Services

Directions provides relationship-based, personalised and individually tailored supports right across the Perth Metropolitan area.

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Therapy Services

Directions is a registered general and specialist therapy provider delivering: Speech Pathology;  Physiotherapy; Social Work; Psychology and Occupational Therapy.


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Host Family

Host families invite a person with a disability  to be part of their family and daily lives. This can be a great catalyst for social and community inclusion and long lasting relationships.

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Directions assists people with a disability who like to spend time together to form their own groups with similar interests and enthusiasm.

Directions also runs the fabulous Teenspirit.


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