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Artist Rosie frames paintings to be hung at Directions’ new premises

Rosie is vibrant enthusiastic young lady who enjoys many thing in her life. Over that last few months Rosie and her Directions support workers have been attending art classes where they have learned many different skills and techniques with painting.   Rosie is clearly a talented artist.  A great deal of time and concentration goes into Rosie’s paintings, and she is very proud her work.

Recently Rosie brought some of her fantastic artwork to show the staff at Directions Head Office, and we immediately asked if we could have the privilege of displaying them on the walls of our new building.  Rosie agreed and it was arranged that the Chairman of the Board, Elizabeth Roberts, would accompany Rosie to a picture framers to choose her favourite pieces and organise for them to be framed.

Elizabeth Roberts takes up the story…

“I thoroughly enjoyed the visit to the framer on Friday.  I met Rosie there, with her support worker Zoe.   Rosie was so excited to show me the portrait of herself and Zoe which was painted after a particularly nice day ‘Smelling the Roses’ – it was clearly her choice of pieces to be framed.  I think it would be great to have an ‘artist’s statement’ to explain it when it goes up on our wall… it really captures ‘going where you want to go, being the person you want to be’.

Her second choice was ‘The Silver Princess’ – again a choice without hesitation.  

The framer Chris very much enjoyed her work with Rosie and was able to give her choices about what could be done.  Rosie has such a well-developed sense of colour and made carefully considered choices for the mats and frames.  It would be really good if she could be the one to go and collect them when they are finished so that she can see the transformation in her work.”

Today Rebecca Eddy took Rosie back to the framers and the collected the framed artwork.  They look absolutely brilliant.  Very soon they will have pride of place on the walls of our new offices.

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Directions provides relationship-based, personalised and individually tailored supports right across the Perth Metropolitan area.

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