Building relationships that make the difference

Who we are

Directions was established in 1994 as an organisation that recognised the need for the whole family of a person with disability to be valued and supported.

Initially Directions supported 10 people with disability and their families.  Directions now provides relationship-based, personalised and individually tailored support to people from the Gascoyne Region , across Perth Metro, south to the Peel Region and growing every day.

Directions has an excellent reputation for providing high quality support that is flexible, creative and inclusive.  Our staff and volunteers are an exceptional group of people who build strong relationships with the people that we support and their families, and thrive on sharing their lives.

We provide opportunities for people to participate in family and community activities of their choice that: encourage lifelong learning; lead to increased independence; promote friendships; and enable people to actively contribute to their community.  In groups or individually, we support people to achieve their aspirations and dreams, and get the very best out of life.


To have a fulfilled life with healthy relationships, friendships and purpose

Be part of an inclusive community, which accepts people for who they are and looks beyond disability

Be empowered to make choices and have control over how they live their life


To have a reputation for quality which inspires, and shows others what is possible for people with disabilities

To grow to serve people across Western Australia, while keeping our unique, values-based approach

To recruit, develop and retain the best people in the sector

To build strong links with government and the communities in which we operate


Working together   Having energy and enthusiasm   Making a difference   Being creative and flexible   Being compassionate   Being honest


The humming bird is the only bird in the world that can fly in every direction, forwards, backwards, sideways and all ways.

The colours represent land and sky, night and day, highlighting that we support people anytime, anywhere and everywhere.


Individualised Services

Directions  provides relationship-based, personalised and individually tailored support from the  Gascoyne Region , across Perth Metro, south to the Peel Region and growing every day.

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Therapy Services

Directions is a registered general and specialist therapy provider delivering: Speech Therapy;  Physiotherapy; Social Work; Psychology and Occupational Therapy.


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Host Family

Host families invite a person with a disability  to be part of their family and daily lives. This can be a great catalyst for social and community inclusion and long lasting relationships.

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Groups and Clubs

Directions assists  people with a disability  who like to spend time together to form their own groups with similar interests and enthusiasm.

Directions now also runs the fabulous Teenspirit.


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